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From  the  White  Ribbon  Alliance  Global  Leadership  Team,  July  13th,  2023

Dear friends and supporters of the White Ribbon Alliance,

We are pleased to announce that the Global White Ribbon Alliance is now led by a locally-based leadership group with Co-Chairs Aparajita Gogoi (WRA India) and Angela Nguku (WRA Kenya), and with administrative hubs in Kenya and the UK. We are developing a new strategy to engage our members globally, and our door is open to new and long-standing members.

Each National Alliance is a locally registered organisation, with its own governing Board. Collectively, we have a 25-year track record of advocating within our own countries and globally with those decision makers who are responsible for implementing solutions – and holding them to account.

We decided on and operationalised our new structure since April 2023 when the former secretariat in Washington DC informed us of their decision to cease their administrative function. Our operational model is now in line with our long-standing aspiration to transfer leadership to regional and/or local hubs.

It is our foundational principle to value the voices and contributions of WRA members equally, wherever they are in the world. WRA National Alliances and members are passionately committed to the rights of women, girls and newborns everywhere. We continue with our name unchanged to build on the achievements of our signature WHAT WOMEN WANT campaign, which originated in, was implemented and curated by WRA National Alliances. We also continue to use our ASK-LISTEN-ACT methodology to raise unheard voices and advance what people tell us they want for their health and wellbeing through local, national and global advocacy.

If you wish to communicate with and support our efforts to drive transformational systems change for women, girls and newborns, please communicate directly with our co-chairs or other members of our team below.

Thank you for your continuing support.

With Best Regards,

The Global White Ribbon Alliance Leadership Team

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